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United Airlines’ staff may access company resources online via United Airlines workers may access their pay stubs, connect with management, examine their work schedules, and stay up-to-date on business news by logging into the Flying Together site.

United’s workers may access their benefits information and submit vacation requests using the company’s intranet site. Former members of Flying Together’s workforce can access their retiree health and medical benefits using the same portal.

You may access your profile information via the portal with just your uID and password, regardless of whether you are a current or former employee of the firm.

How To Login Flying Together United Airlines Intranet 

United Airlines has made a beautiful website called “ual united flying together” for its employees and people who don’t have a united pass. The steps to sign in as a United employee and as a non-United pass rider are, of course, very different.

We spent time writing this guide for both employees and people on the other side. At the end of this page, you can also find information about a lot of questions and topics. Current Employees Should Log In Here

United Airlines employees may already have united flying together login information. If you don’t know the administrator who set up your unified intranet account, you can ask them for the uID and password. If you have the login information handy, you can proceed with the steps outlined below.

Flying Together

  • To access the internet, fire up your computer or mobile device (Google Chrome is recommended for better User Experience)
  • Access the UAL staff site at on your mobile device. Don’t worry, you’ll be sent directly to the employee login page at
  • After entering the uID (username) and password, choose the Login button.
  • After a successful login, you’ll have access to features including online pay stub viewing, scheduling access to company news and updates, and more.

In the event that you have forgotten your password, the Password Help link will allow you to request a new one to be sent to you. If you’ve forgotten the password to your registered email account, you can easily reset it by following the simple on-screen steps. In any case, you may quickly and easily reset your flyingtogether password by reading the detailed instructions provided.

2. Log in to Flying Together if you don’t have a United Pass

If you are not a United Pass rider, you can also use a valid username and password to log in to the UAL employee res portal. But an administrator will set up your account, and you’ll need to get the information from him or her in order to access the United Employee Res Portal.

Flying Together

Employees and retirees can both make a unique username and password for eligible pass riders to use to access flyingtogether employee res.

  • Any computer or mobile device with an internet browser may be used to access
  • Sign in with the ID and passphrase provided to you by a member of the ual staff.
  • You are unable to independently reset your password if it has stopped functioning or if you have forgotten it. The United employee who originally provided you with access will reset your password if you contact them. Once you’ve changed your password, you may access the site.

You will be prompted to set up a new password and security question once you have successfully logged in using the original (or temporary) password. If you forget your password in the future and can’t remember the answer to the security question, you’ll need to get in touch with a United employee or retiree to get a fresh one. Complete Procedure To Download Mobile App

It’s possible that you’ll need to enter your login details in order to access the Flying Together app download page. To access the ftappstore, please follow the links provided below.

flying together united

  • To download the United app, go to on any device.
  • When the portal page has completely loaded, log in using your username and password.
  • To enter the portal’s control panel, simply click the Log In button.
  • Below the login button is a link labelled “Forgot your password?” that may be used if you can’t recall it.

1. Get the Flying Together app for your iPhone or iPad.

The iOS app is available for download once you have signed in to the portal. In any case, be careful to verify the United Airlines app’s developer on your iOS device. Access the app’s developer profile by going to Settings > General > Device Management.

You may then return to the iPhone’s home screen, where the app will be waiting for you to launch it, after you’ve verified it.

2.Flying Together app is available for download on Android devices.

The webpage also provides an Android download option. In order to access the app, however, you must first sign in to the portal using your credentials.

In all likelihood, you won’t need any detailed instructions on how to install the app on your Android phone.

That’s all; the ftappstore doesn’t offer anything further in the way of trip details, confirmed ticket purchases, etc. Check out the handy how-to we put up for using the flyingtogether mobile app on your next trip.

Having trouble with

The former URL,, is no longer in use. Instead, the most up-to-date version of the internal site for flying together will load automatically whenever you visit this address.

Does the URL work?

The official login portal cannot be reached at the provided URL of You may also access the site via

Accessing the Crew Communication System (CCS)

The main CCS Login page may be found at The United Airlines crew communication system is now accessible to all workers via the login procedures provided below.

One of the finest features of the portal is that it can be accessed from any device, not just computers. Therefore, you may select the optimal view for your gadget.

flying together united login

  • Visit or on your computer or mobile device.
  • Just fill in the blanks for your Username and United Password.
  • After entering your information into the required sections, click the Login button to access the crew’s internal messaging system.

Check out the “Trouble logging in?” pages if you’re having issues entering your username and password. and the ” section.

If you don’t know the solution to the security question, you can reset the portal’s password. If you have any trouble answering a security question, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the system administrator.

Employee Help Desk at Ual

You could occasionally experience problems logging in to the portal for a variety of reasons. You can reach the United Intranet Service Desk in such circumstances.

Toll-free number for the international help desk: 1-001-847-700-5800

Toll-free numbers for the domestic help desk are 1-847-700-5800 and 800-255-5801.

Therefore, you may get in touch with them straight away if you have any problems with the ual flying together employee login or anything else.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Is it possible for me to create an Ual Intranet account?
No, you are unable to create an account by yourself. When you sign up to work with United Airlines as an employee, the Ual administrator will create an account for you.

2. I forgot my UAL login password. Can I recover it?
From the official ual employee login page, you may retrieve the forgotten password. On the homepage of the official website, select “Password Help,” which may be located between the password field and the login button.

3. Why Is The Website Down?
The official website’s previous url, which is no longer live, was that. The current official website is, which you may access by opening that address.

4. Why Does Point To A New Website?
The official site has made the decision to consolidate all of the previous login pages for Flying Together under the domain If you work for the company, you may access the site to log in, reset your password, and learn more about your perks.

5. How Can I Get in Touch With United Airlines Corporate?
Use the mailing address provided below to reach ual with any questions you may have regarding employment.

United Airlines Inc

PO Box 06649

Chicago, IL 60606-0649

United States Of America (US)

In case if you are looking for the building address of flying together united airlines, you may use the address shared below.

United Airlines Inc

233 S. Wacker Drive

Chicago, IL 60606

US [United States of America]


If you work for United Airlines, you may access the employee portal by using the flyingtogether ual portal. You may access payroll data, employee benefits, work-related information, and applications for paid time off. Employees may now use the mobile app, which is available for iOS and Android devices, to access the portal from their cellphones.